Friday, October 22, 2010

Portable Office

 Ok..this is the portable office set!

Tengok, easy to move everywhere ryte??..

 Firstly, when u hve a right location, take out the chair..

As you can see, there is another is for you n the other one is for ur customer..

Then, take the table n put in the slot that is same level with the table..

Finally, its ready!! U can put anything n start ur work..n
Trust me, make sure ur weight is not over than 100kg!

Dunia semakin canggih, everyone is trying to use simple thing n not wasting their, kat Malaysia..I am sure that one day IKEA akan design portable office nie.. (since when NSA kerja ngan IKEA nie) aaahh..whatever.. Have a nice day~ :)

Im not really know his name, but dekat blog empunya lebih dikenali dengan Mata Hati..Kredit to him for this entry...

1 comment:

Myra Jay said...

Amboi kreatifnya..
Jimat ruang..lau ada nk beli 1 la.. hee

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